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and you mentioned curtis foster. his shot over 100 miles per hour and it is the big rebound off the wall as steven stamkos, as you mentioned, joe, it doesn't get better for that, for that kid, his 8th power play goal which leads the team and his 24th overall. the best among tampa bay players. steven stamkos a dandy. joe: that was from insane angle and it looked like he short hopped it in the corner. >> the twice are saying wow, what a shot youngster. right past the goaltender and michal neuvirth couldn't recover from the left post to the right in time. joe: 2-0 lead for the guys in the blake sweater. joe and craig from tampa where
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the bolts are trying to pay back washington for an early loss the capital ory. power play goal and there's the ricochet and that's a wicked back hander arc one timer back hand which is hard to execute. 33 in the previous 28 in kills, joe. that's a big power play and a booth for tampa bay. joe: the tampa bay lightning have lost 12 in a row to washington and have a 2-0 advantage over the capps in the game's first period. brian ponthier stalked by alex ovenchin. alex ovenchin, knuble and backstrom continue to ash treeo for bruce boudreau. >> i think tampa bay has breaking streak on their mind because they broke it against new jersey which is up to ten games. joe: knuble bracing himself and
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backstrom gave brian ponthier fits as the capitals can't touch it. that would have been offside. jeff halpern late in the shift able to tee it up for tampa. lundin misfires and jason chimera with a touchup and it is an icing call against the lightning. let's hear it for more cadillac, proud supporter of washington hockey, they have been the premier cadillac dealer for 30 years, located on route 50. you can visit them online. capitals in demand of a goal. shane morrison on the ice for game 800. schultz back hands it and lunden will get ground. brendan morrison working with
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eric fehr and jason chimera. michal neuvirth has this one gobbled up. >> there's a look at the 800th gang. morrison would have played more if he would not have been injured for several stunts. you look at his numbers over five hundred points and always on the plus side of the ledger, very dill la jen playing at both ends of the ice. joe: just in the last few years he has incurred some injuries. he was one of those very lengthy iron men. something in the way of mark stan alee. smith wipes out by the goal. tees it up and scores. alex semin finds the corner. >> that is the score that the
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capitals needs. it started out with smith behind the cage. i don't think he got to be settled in the paint and the capitals go back to back and semin, left to right and smith getting back to the net and he is not set in
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gr woboth sh and stopper on csn.
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>> new jersey about an hour-and-a-half delay before the nhl canceled it with 912 left in the 2nd period and they picked up the game on sunday and played the remaining 29 minutes and 12 seconds and they got the win. 4-2 against the new jersey devils. joe: seemed all right to ryan malone. big smile on his face.
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downy and jason chimera out there along with salon. washington on the strength of alex ovenchin goal trailing tampa bay by one in period one. >> paul szczechura takes a step. >> what a save. the caps are taking exception to the boys in front of the net. ink that was jason chimera catching is and he gets at the end of the play. a malone has a wicked shot. looked for goal number 20 on the season. highway robbery from the caps young minder. pittsburgh native has four
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others present seasons in his career on the verge of another. joe: zenon konopka leads the league in penalty minutes. >> 37 fights for tampa bay. they got the most of all teams and cody is going to the box. there goes tom cody giving a few what fors? here is back to reed right and cody to the box and tampa bay goes to the second power play with a 2-1 lead. joe: tom cody with a shake of the head and bruce boudreau with the same mannerisms as the caps will have to kill again and tampa bay is one for one on the power play. that is cbg coming from steven stamkos. packaged by the ups store.
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face off control belongs to washington. steckel doing the honors to smith. foster out of his own zone. drives one off of the defender. tied to the glass. opposite corner there's sten leak. >> the caps are not screening the goalie but getting the lumber on the shot to slow it down. that was schultz once again. he is the guy highlighting playing defense in front of
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stephanie veilleux. joe: capitals win the draw shorthanded and gordon will pitch it back in the tampa bay territory. >> tampa's power play is by adam oaks. a lot of structure and he wants certain things to come together. recently they have not followed his blueprint. joe: san louie working off the wall. nudged by green and tampa bay will have to retreat. >> great pressure by green stepping up to use his speed. >> bow cheney knocks one down and ma czarro looking for the defect shouldn't and misses.
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michal neuvirth over. >> that should be 3-1. joe: san low we and steven stamkos for the return. >> too many time for tampa bay. we talked about them early on in this period and a little bit of a struggling mode but here they con to stay on the plot and steven stamkos has his shooting stick. that one just ripped past the goaltender after a brilliant stop. notice his gloves. he didn't see anything. too much loose pucks and not enough clears and steve steve makes it 3-1. joe: here is a washington team that's plus 29 in goals in the
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1st period. trailing with 225 to go by two. tampa bay is not done yet. vince lecavalier rips one wide. playing the defensive zone. schultz returns it to brooks laich and the capitals will make a get away. jason chimera scoops it in the corner and smith will roll. halpern. turning the corner jason chimera with a stop, rebound and smith has it underneath the glove long enough for a whistle and the boys get friendly behind the cage. >> the 5th time that mike smith has come behind the net to stop a puck and twice just about it has cost him. it cost him on the semin goal and on this attempt it just about cost him again. he would be advised to stay in the net. i know he likes to play the puck but the way the capitals go off of the board if you are a
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goaltender he has to make a cleaner pass or one of his "d" men or he will be in trouble. joe: the offense has come to help. brooks laich lost the draw to zenon konopka. stephanie veilleux and michal neuvirth dumps it in the corner. green will take over. not get it out cleanly. stephanie veilleux to the front. they have four on the board. >> we'll wait and see if bruce boudreau decides to change the tender. the capitals under siege. theodore is not on the bench. he is on the runway but here
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comes the tampa bay lightning. second goal of the season, just snaps it and he gets a lucky bounce off of the capps who can't rebound the rebound. joe: not good for the capitals. the tampa bay lightning are up 4-1. >> stephanie veilleux is a 28-year-old native of quebec and the capitals have been bull led for four goals in period one. alex ovenchin on a fly by. he is out there with knuble and backstrom trying to get a late one. knocked away by smith. final minute of period one with the nhl on sportsnet tonight. meeting two up six between the southeast division rivals and the lightning having a field day offensively.
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>> we have seen the capitals team play in a long while. just so happened they missed the morning skate and supposed to go to a practice rink and elected to stay off of the ice. not that's an issue but they don't look sharp here in the first period. joe: they have won in this building 7 times and beat the lightning 12 times. got some heavy lifting to do to keep the streaks alive tonight. 15 seconds away from intermission live on csn. steven stamkos has two of the tal lease for tampa bay and 91 in the back still working hard in the corner. bounce free for bamstrom. alex ovenchin and andrej meszaros stays with him.
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it is a 4-1 lead after 20. net star one intermission live coming up. special interview with jason chimera. highlights and stats coming from the booth and willup date you on the bears. they are at it performing beautifully. washington has only one on the board and the trouble is that the hometown team has four. the lightning turning on the light evre the orts
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intermission live is next. >> this is net star one intermission live. >> originating from st. pete's forum in tampa, florida where the light is having fun at washington's expense. tampa bay has a 4-1 lead. it is nice to meet the new guy in town with the washington capitals and we can do that with a the help from comcast sportsnet, lisa hillary. >> jason it is a whirlwind for you. you got the call. you quickly had to come to dc and get a physical and board a plane and it was pretty with strangers and head to the west coast, what was your initial reaction to the trade? >> it was pretty shocking sat there for five years in columbus and getting the routine and you
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know your places and your world gets turned upside down. it was shocking but let you know where you are coming and you are excited. like you said you feel like your 18. it was a pretty unique experience for sure. >> you went from a last place team to a 1st place organization. here in washington. had to give you a bit of a boost. >> yes. anytime you get wings -- it is so contagious. locker guys want to win and the situation in columbus, they couldn't find a way to win. a rough situation. they got a good team, just will find a way to win and here they find ways to win every night. it is a new lease on night you get that full boost in your spirit. nice to get that winning feeling. >> i want to refer to an article that i read back.
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it was in december of 2007. it caught my attention, jason chimera is the most caffeinated players in the national hockey league, a fast talking rambunctious 6-year-old trapped in a 28-year-old's body. true or false. >> i guess yet, haven't seen too much of it here low keyed and i enjoy it and it is a great game to play i don't drink too much caffeine. it is a great game to play and great job. it is so much fun to come to the rink. even on a bad day it is a great game to play. it is fun and it is a job. it is the best job you could have in the world. >> like to fly around on the ice. i know bruce boudreau likes to see. are you a perfect match for this hockey team in washington?
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>> i don't know perfectly, that is loose. i think i can bring a physical match on the check and use my speed to an advantage. i think i can score goals. i know i can score some goals. it will be nice to chip in offensively and use my speed to hopefully eastern conference will bring on my better scoring. >> lisa and jason thanks very much joe and ben with you more on intermission live on comcast sportsnet. during your trading days you were traded. how would you view jason chimera's few weeks. >> we haven't seen the best of jason chimera. he has to get use to the system here in washington. we know he has tremendous speed. he likes to play a physical style but coming from a ken hitchcock team to a bruce boudreau team is night and day and he has to develop the speed
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and the hitting at the right time and i think we will see a better jason chimera as he gets more integrated. >> traded for a captain. that's not easy when you know the captains and one of the leaders is leaking town. jason chimera came to town. >> he had a goal, three hits a game, over 12 minutes of work. clark and jason chimera have yet to get a point in columbus. getting points for clark and chimera numbers around 18 and clark, his numbers with ice time under bruce boudreau. >> save to say not one of the capitals having a good period in this oonig washtraitam 4- ats hlig coming up
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on csn what a difference a year makes. the capitals outscored the lightning in six games but
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tonight a turn around. twofer the four goals were power plays. what went wrong with washington tk. >> the capitals gave opportunities. if you give vinnie, guys like foster and guys like steven stamkos second and third chances on a power play. they will kill you. you got to get the puck out clean. that way you kill down important seconds. >> tampa bay was important to get to a lead. as you look at the geico highlights. >> it started with knuble going to backstrom. a nice one with stephanie veilleux. a snap back hand off of the redirect. wonderful back hand goals and steven stamkos on a great shot. joe: tampa and steven stamkos again. >> he is on a roll especially when you give him that type of time and they rework the caps.
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nice movement. a nice circle by stephanie veilleux. joe: everything going right for the lightning. after 24 minutes these are your stats presented by your chevy dealers. >> not another scoring chances and pitching a no-hitter and faceoffs are winning it and power plays they haven't drawn one, the capitals not a good 20 minutes, they have come back ability and 40 minutes to get a point. joe: you are telling me it was a first period to forget? i hardly agree. lightning in control ofs on th t on comcast sports
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net. >> indeed the lightning does strike, four times in the opening period with the nhl on comcast sports. they got control of this southeast division leading washington 4-1. >> if you were looking to
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improve your game. give me a call at or e-mail us. we supply all of the necessary ingredients for you to have success, private locker rooms and skating, nutrition and sport psychology and film work. the details of the game that can set you up for your future if you want to play college. >> you are trying to develop superstars and so are the herschey bears and they are doing it very well. >> the first team to reach 60 points and ditto for the capitals. it seems like a carbon copy. won a franchise record saturday, their last loss was early december. joe: how about broaden hopey. another prospect. it is the caps and the bolts on
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csn from tampa.
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>> this comcast sports coverage is being brought to you by toya. visit buy a for more information. toyota moving forward. >> by morgan franklin, your partners for visits and technology solutions. and by your washington area chevy dealers. buying great vehicles for five years. one hundred thousand mile tran warranty on chevy this sounds strange. come in from out of the cold in tampa inside of the st. pete forum where we are just about set for the start of period two. you couldn't fault the lightning if they wanted that first period to last forever. a 4-1 lead over a team that has dominated them for years. tampa has not beaten washington since november of 2007. 12 games in a row and now the capitals have a 3 goal hill to climb.
8:35 pm
downie muddying things up and a penalty call coming. jose has come in for theodore and making the break for the bench. we get a whistle. early slash giving the capitals the advantage. theodore comes in for michal neuvirth. >> take a look at his current season. 22 games winning for the 11th win trying to mop up for the block as he comes in. the 4-1 down to tampa bay and there's a look at michal neuvirth. not on the bench, on the runway towards the capitals' bench. 4 goals on 15 shots. joe: how does a team respond when the goaltender is lifted. the capitals on the move. back behind theodore. did you feel guilty as your teammate was being hooked in the game? >> you always did because especially if you knew that you did not help them. if you played hard and they are soft goals you didn't feel that
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bad but you look at that first period and the capitals were not skating. joe: second best power play the surface. on the interchange now. looking for the path. the deflection to smith. he crawls out to cover after he beat eric fehr at point range. >> thru see the len of his legs. he can stretch post to post. he is a goaltender and the power play on the road lighting it up and this penalty chilling unit for tampa bay. it is coming down to your goaltender on penalty killing. if your goal tending makes stops like that one, you will have nice percentages on your team. joe: the white jerseys for washington on the road in tampa and tomorrow night.
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will be coming at you from bank atlantic center in sunrise. >> the caps are waiting for the panthers the last couple of meetings. joe: alex ovenchin strolls in. back handed. rebounds. washington gets another one back. it is that great move as you described joe for mike green to sneak it and get the back hand and the follow-up, no chance for the right legs of smith to net minder, the caps power play, we have talked about it. great curl and there's the shot and on the far side you had ov and the boys trying to chop it into the empty net. no chance for the goaltender once that puck became free. brooks laich and green. joe: over the line. so for now, every time mike green scores a five hundred
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dollars donation will be made on behalf of amtrak as part of their green partnership. will lead in goals and coming in with berguron. >> washington gets an early power play goal. what the doctor ordered after a laicalser first. smith makes this stop on david steckel. >> one of the things that bruce boudreau talked about on his team was that he needs more shots on net. haven't tested the net mind errant power play is the type of an emotion builder you need. you score a power play and you are feeling better and all of a sudden it is two and not three and two scores lead the caps team has come back many a time and great confidence in the offense. joe: eight other games going on
8:39 pm
as there is ice repair needed. the circus just left town. this is a brand new ice sheet. >> and we expected it not to be too good. looking down at pregame skates, it wasn't looking good. it was tops and both teams not practiced this morning. when you have a new sheet it is better when teams have a chance to skate in the morning. >> you shave it down and that was the case here this morning. joe: does the ice have any effect on the aroma i have been breathing in all day in this barn. >> you said circus. you know what you are smelling. joe: thanking. jason chimera for schultz. it is deflected and tom gay has time to clear. lost it on the regroup for jason chimera. timing play, just capped off of the mark by eric fehr. jason chimera back to the point and bombs away and he missed the
8:40 pm
mark. mike green does get credit. 11th of the year for alex ovenchin on the power play. 4-2 now for the guys in the black jerseys. tom poddy through center and connecting with backstrom. blocked by andrej meszaros. backstrom working 2 on 2 out of the corner. >> alex ovenchin between the skates to knuble and back to alex ovenchin who was unsuspecting. away come the light bolts with jason chimera in charge. >> the capitals should have confidence in this game expect previous three they had racked up 17 goals, joe and just being down by a pair shouldn't save this hockey team. joe: theodore has not taken a shot yet. washington has 5 on mike smith. green to set sales. knuble through the center.
8:41 pm
stacked up with the attacking line. lundin will battle with the forward. knuble to lundin and you get a great look. bounce free. zenon konopka goes the other way. struck in the first period for the bolts. they put four on the board in an opening period. bayou out of the corner. foster on that one timer and backs comes semin and hooks off and off of the skate of tom fleischmann. wright to play next. he gave it up. tom fleischmann for semin and a swing and a miss and tyler sloan will retreat. in the line yum and john erskine held out with an injury. he was a game time decision according to bruce boudreau. tom gay aspirin through the center. alex tanguay building momentum
8:42 pm
and dives to the inside and hol. >> wasn't very good defense by the capitals. they are not using their speed. joe: beautiful passing play. never pull the trigger and that's the problem with the game this season. he is usually a shooter and he has become a pasto in his first season in tampa bay. joe: that was a bad he cup there. tom fleischmann in the front and then jeff halpern, we remain 4-2 with the nhl sports net. >> earlier he would shoot the puck and that's when you look at the shots. he doesn't have a whole lot. joe: steven stamkos just missed. >> after being outplayed. tampa has found their life again.
8:43 pm
joe: boy gordon attacked by brandon bow chinkie. this is matt bradley down the wing. >> the caps have not been very good defensively. joe: along the wall steven stamkos with good patience. theodore makes the catching stop. >> only a star playing can pick that up. great hands and feet. joe: steven stamkos in the corner and podi will make a break and steckel snared by smith and he will be h ithigh sc
8:44 pm
it a scoring for
8:45 pm
tampa bay. >> the teams are making magic. >> nice plan by santos wicked. back hander over the shoulder of the capitals goalie. in the high slot he will find another loose puck and rips it and no chance for the jerseys and the caps have struck and nice little curl off of the back of the leg. yes, all around, mike green with
8:46 pm
his 11th also on the pv. joe: mike green over 25 minutes per game. beating washington when it comes to ice time and he has authored more goals against tampa bay than any other team in his nhl career. tom fleischmann and miller excusing backstrom from the dock. tampa bay controls the drop. paul szczechura. mike smith was run over in the first period and macky has come off of the pines. alex ovenchin at the line and off side against dc. >> we would expect na was some sort of injury problem for mike smith. joe: remember in the first period he was not woosy and he had a tough time in front of the net when mike green scores. the caps have been physical going to the net and macky has had a good run and smith took
8:47 pm
over and this was an opening for macky. he was playing great before he changed with mike smith. >> by the way macky's numbers against washington are good. more on that as this game proposings with 1240 to go in the second period. washington in the white jerseys down two. alex ovenchin wide to youal and at sharp angle and deflected in off of lundin. >> no luck for the caps. i thought that was going in. i didn't think macky would adjust. this would have been the caps within one and knuble. that baby unbelievable stop by antero nittymaki coming in col. >> andrej meszaros has the angle on to gay and to the washington
8:48 pm
side. jeff schultz to place for jason chimera. good relay to brandon morrison. to eric fehr. pulls the trigger and scores. eric fehr upstairs. and there she goes. the caps to within one getting more shots this period. what a snap by eric fehr. antero nittymaki coming in cold. saw one puck and a great save and this is the second one and morrison will get the primary assist. that might have went in and changed direction a little bit by the defender. we will wait and see. i thought that ramped up across andrej meszaros' stick and that caught antero nittymaki by surprise and eric fehr will take his 11th of the season. joe: when washington was here five weeks ago eric fehr deposited one against smith and now against antero nittymaki and all of a sudden it is a 1-goal game.
8:49 pm
>> eric fehr the 24-year-old manitoba native with his parents in attendance tonight giving them an extra thrill. podi scoops it. albert knocked it down with a high stick. once he turfs it there is a whistle, he is waiting for a washington player to touch it and they do. podi send it around and a heart charging brooks laich center. barreling and antero nittymaki was ready on the blocker side. >> he didn't corral the puck. they got to keep tempering antero nittymaki. that is when they have the suction but none on the body. back behind and 15 shots in the first period. surrendered to theodore in two.
8:50 pm
mattias ohlund and now lundin. nine minutes gone by and it is 4-3 already. joe: semin down the wall and propelled by mattias ohlund. that is the hammer you want on your back end. rangy and rugged. tyler sloan crushed by steven stamkos. the youngster with the power play tally for the home team. capitals showing patience on the breakout as we are near the midway mark of regulationlation. >> and so is tampa bay playing a 1-2-2. the second foursome behind the blue line and that means the caps play so important. joe: tampa bay a 1-4 league.
8:51 pm
tampa bay deflecting it off of the net and stepping up was mike green. now it is alex ovenchin. on to knuble. wrist squeezed by a former teammate. antero nittymaki will hol. >> tampa bay was breathing free and easy and they had the lead by three and all of a sudden the advantage for
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
bay. antero nittymaki came on. we think he was injured. >> run over by brooks laich. that was a interference running over there net minor and we said in the first period he had concussions problems in the past. maybe the headaches returned. we'll have to wait and see if we can get an update from the pr department. joe: if you are just tubing in joe and craig with you tonight inside of st. peat forum and vince lecavalier started the scoring in the 1st. a period in which tampa bay took command only to see washington respond with a first two in period two. theodore one of first different goalies to play tonight.
8:54 pm
those were the only four dressed. >> each got here within against tampa bay. joe: jason chimera out of the reach of morrison. picking up an assist. coming from morrison and himro -- chimera and antero nittymaki will squeeze. >> option coming up january 24th and alexander mark center you can enjoy a night out minimalling with the capitals playing get it at >> the last game against the flyers took the last game 3-1, previous he had missed the last 8 and mike smith over the reigns for ricardo car insurance. joe: antero nittymaki in his career is 5-2. beat them last year with
8:55 pm
philadelphia. and one of them was a 46 save gem. joe: lightning going shorthanded and they are shooting themself in the foot. >> that's what the capitals needed. they needed power plays and they got one. working down low against the young defensemen and a holding call and there's a play and look at hedman get his right hand in the body of steckel and the key ingredients there is steckel continuing to move his feet. joe: the referee will not below a whistle on a penalty. trying to get away and held up and big power play for the capitals. >> a chance to equalize. the power play stats are packaged by your ups store. the capitals wins faceoffs when they need to. that was as clean as day. mattias ohlund will shuffle it
8:56 pm
around and bounce against eric fehr. eight-and-a-half to go in the second period. 4-3 from the guys in the dark center. semin settles. high slot for brooks laich. he jumped that one. brooks brook keeps it alive in the attack territory and lundin with a couple of caps. >> and they should go for it against the capitals. they have all of one that's close to the bottom of the nhl when shorthanded. joe: capitals only have one short one thanks to seminin atlanta. they have two. backstrom operating on the power play now. washington demands the goods for another minute. alex ovenchin, backstrom and green. scores! a heavy screen. tied at 4! >> that's what they needed the big bodies and antero nittymaki is not as big as mike smith. there was no lane to the net.
8:57 pm
big mike knuble was hanging out. the referee to make sure it would count. not sure there's backstrom to the point and here comes the shot and there it is. it goes off to somebody, either the defenseman or knuble. we'll wait and see but the important of getting the shot to the net. not a long wind up or shot but a wristster getting to the big wave of the peck kill. the capitals have tied it up and we expect green to get his 12th of the season. joe: the green tally at 1208 and washington has made it back from a 4-1 deficit. this will dribble to antero nittymaki and those inside of the forum are stunned on this tuesday night. another turnover and knuble is
8:58 pm
looking for backstrom. craig: capitals are taking advantage. joe: goalie change. a wake-up call and some colling. backstrom contact in and side steps and walker is there for tampa. alex ovenchin to the front for bradley and knocked it by viktor hedman and the lightning will clear it. 655 to go in period two. the capitals with three unanswered. boykin trying to stretch it out and gourd don't springs it live. capitals offense surging right now. the highest scoring team in the nhl rallying back. as brian ponthier sweeps it along the base where hedman will roam. shuffled and there's bayou on
8:59 pm
the hop and they stay on sides. bayou and in a point position he shuffles it in the corner. bayou attacked by sloan on the overlap with mattias ohlund. steckel for bradley who took his eyes off of it perhaps or else he had a few one-on-ones. craig: he was looking at what to do with the puck rather than gathering. joe: we drift low with awhile one in tampa. it is now 4-4. vince lecavalier all time leader and so many other categories. offers it and the lightning are in offer side. mike green withof s.
9:00 pm
washingt and tampa are tied.
9:01 pm
>> you don't have to shoot the puck to in atlanta off of his skates and this one off of his right leg antero nittymaki surprised. great presence and the whole package the caps expected when they signed him as a free agent. joe: after producing the one tally, mike knuble is hot.
9:02 pm
he has scores in three straight. caps and lightning get locked at four with the nhl and paul szczechura. shaone morrisonn send it wide and jose theodore coming on by michal neuvirth. green hosted it in. nearly beheaded foster there. his path foreseen luse. craig: foster at any time play too many games after hurting his legs. an icing call and he wipes out. joe: capitals hugely in favor of
9:03 pm
washington. paul szczechura fires it. craig: back to point position and it will dribble over andrej meszaros. joe: four on two andent went off of tom fleischmann's skates. craig: the lightning has a long way to go and an all of ching. joe: penalty call against dc. just past the top of the hour. washington and tampa bay tied. the nhl on comcast sports along with craig lock land and i'm joe bentona. we say things to all of the men and women in the crew for their efforts. and tampa bay delayed penalty call against washington. six attackers on and then the whistle.
9:04 pm
craig: some pushing and shoving. there's brooks and off to the box. it will be the second time that brooks has went to the box. stephanie veilleux he tripped up. joe: here is the deal if you have been throughout are with us throughout the night. this washington team race tog 60 points and the stats complement of the american service center. craig: pass the 80 cap game and one more game. joe: brooks laich gone for tripping and 347 to go in the middle stanza and hall bern and stephanie veilleux and downnie and andrej meszaros with foster. stephanie veilleux hoists it wide. both of the teams power play perfect tonight. backstrom walking out of his own
9:05 pm
zone. halpern without his lid. backstrom got it on the back check. a long one that almost fulled antero nittymaki. craig: looks like he got a haircut. joe: looking weapon. former capital captain going old school and playing on the wings without his helmet. poster drills it in. stephanie veilleux shoulder to shoulder with bradley and halpern for the point position and andrej meszaros closing in on a back door look and ranked by stef teff. craig: i think stephanie veilleux is looking past stephanie veilleux past jeff halpern and stopped on the way by big stephanie veilleux. joe: lundy and gourd don and bradley spirited loose ant capitals will play some keep away. mike green keeps it along the boards with 238 to go in period two and lightning on the power
9:06 pm
play, another 45 seconds. he scores. a sizzler. joe: that was a score. green had time to send it to the full lengths and here comes tampa bay. that is a little mistake. you get it down and you are out of trouble. you don't and here comes tampa bay and you don't want it off of the stick of mr. st. louie. he has his 12th of the season. joe: number 250. right back in. mackie as the capitals nearly answer in 7 seconds. craig: i haven't had time to look at my notes. joe: excuse me craig my score card is full and i have a
9:07 pm
feeling there are present to come. 5-4 lightning. st.lou is giving the locals a lead. mackie the finish the 4 finer. a hero back in 2006. and vince lecavalier for bayou tied up on the run by brian ponthier. less than two minutes to go in period two. this one is about as wild you can get. 5-4 tampa bay. lundin with time in space. on through alex tanguay. bummed by green. craig: the light have given up, uncharacteristic on home ice. only the detroit red wings coming in have allowed less on
9:08 pm
their home turf. joe: deflected wide and the advantages against the top five before alex ovenchin got ripped off by alex tanguay. stephanie veilleux fires and theodore will squeeze. craig: a great save, a heavy hard rip shop from vinny. let's it fly. one of the keys for vinny he has had a good hockey stick and look at this shot. look at threor make sure that the puck is between the blocker and the body. vinnie the captain and leader in tampa bay just about stretched for that two goal lead back. joe: fans get noisy in st. pete's forum. there was a 4-1 lead erased. this one is blasted wide by
9:09 pm
malone and the net is knocked and it will stay in theodore's neighborhood. with all of the special teams tonight, craig, there won't be many pluses and minuses but jeff schultz when it comes to the plus category near the top of the heat. craig take a look at his numbers through the game. moving to plus 25. mike green closing in. joe: all of the numbers on the toyota leader board. final half minute of period two. steven stamkos hovering at center. andrej meszaros casually plays it into the corner. waiting for schultz to jason chimera. cody hoping to break out and eric fehr on the board in this middle period and 12 seconds left in it.
9:10 pm
andrej meszaros got creamed by jason chimera. steve stephanie veilleux gets it in gear and by podi. it will come at the 20 minute mark. the call will be a hook. bruce boudreau's team battled back and this one is a long way from over. intermission live is coming up. we spent time with a fan club. we will show you the highlights. stats news and notes more on the menu between periods two and three. craig i think you need to insert the metal eninto the buckle. caps and lightning washington on the roadtam a scfren i
9:11 pm
9:12 pm
9:13 pm
9:14 pm
s want the possession ant detroit teams once the possession and new jersey forces you to give it up. >> ant scheme among all of the teams is the same thing. a minute and a half a lot of the shifts are which is too long which are 40 seconds and the teams seem to have two lines and
9:15 pm
four d always fresh and the teams that get burned by alex ovenchin are the teams that don make good changes and the tired group is out there for a minute 15 and out there for who 40 seconds and that's when alex ovenchin does a lot of the damage. >> i thought it was a horrible call. i normally side with collin campbell. i didn't know what he was thinking. >> too many inconsistencies as far as hits. definitely suspendible. with that type of speed of that hit that caused injury. but they are inconsistent with those calls and inconsistent with running over a goalie and when a bump is a bump you can be allowed to if you are pushed in by the same team. they don't blow the whistle or peck. or whatever. >> that's a great question and tough one. >> not tough for me. 14 years worth of duty together
9:16 pm
that has overlapped 15 if you count them all. >> i remember one from the first game. >> yes, that was great. you remember the whole show last year i think game 7 were better off scores and the building was -- there was no comparison. even the year before when alex ovenchin stole game one against the flyers. that was an amazing sound but i can't remember when federoff scored. we were having a good show. knock on wood we tried to have as many of those as possible. one in ottawa when down by three or four and came back and rallied to win it 6-5. against the 98th spring fabulous so many times over. we have been lucky. there is plenty too many to recall. joe: fans love it when you break it down and in a forum like that
9:17 pm
you can go on for days. >> they asked my favorite game, it was any game that i talk over a goal and i haven't done it tonight. so look out for the third. joe: there is still time. washington capitals fan club extremely devoted for more information guest speakers and news leaders and you need to log onto caps fans and we thank them and it is great to talk hockey with them year after year. tonight in tampa lightning leads the capitals 5-4. it is the nhl on sports net.
9:18 pm
9:19 pm
>> the lightning has been for pushover. 5-4.
9:20 pm
joe and craig with you. >> follow mike green's lead. continue to jump up. they got to push the pedal to the metal in the 3rd period. sometimes as individuals you get passive when you get burn add if you times. the whole core has to go. if they do, they will get two points. joe: absolutely wild from the saints forum. have a look at the geico highlights. let the come back begin. craig they got a scolding and they responded to bruise. mike green early on. nice back hand off of the pipes of mike smith. joe: 4-2 tampa. craig: and the capitals again. teronit. macone craig: and backstrom to green. number 22 you'll see it hit his left side.
9:21 pm
knuble on the board. joe: tam pay leads no more until -- craig: here comes st. louis. joe: 5-4 and these stats are presented by usual washington chevy dealers an. craig: caps 23 shots and nine scoring and has to elevate in the 3rd and the caps better be aware. a 20 minute penalty to jason chimera at the 20 minute mark. they will have to kill it off early jook a thpowe ient 5-4 g all b in
9:22 pm
9:23 pm
just a moment. joe: so how do you like the goal scoring in this one? tampa bay 5 and washington 4 and we are only 2/3 of the way through regulation.
9:24 pm
wise going on in the crazy russian league. craig: 329 in the game and they didn't have enough players to continue. younger and crepish and everyone got in it, over 4 million roubles and fines between the two teams. joe: does that say 691 penalty minutes? craig: yes, langenbrunner continues as captain and shoulder named alternatives. ed java nanki. big shoulder to the head of junta mar ross. joe: s that wasn't nice. the blue liner will sit a couple games out. inut t
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
capitals scoring hot, hot. joe: our coverage being brought to you by your wash area chevy dealers. find great vehicles, one hundred
9:27 pm
thousand mile train warranties on chevy >> and by american service center and mercedes benz of alexanderya. one pierce, just mercedes benz. >> it is the game of game bruce boudreau used to love to play in. tampa bay 5 and washington 4. the bruce boudreau led capitals are 2-0 against the lightning. ever since he took over and in our legal fight of the night. cabby can't put a reason for the dominant. >> i have no idea. none whatsoever. from the very first game here, a trem game, we got the lucky bounces and for our sakes i hope it continues. joe: bruce
9:28 pm
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
9:31 pm
9:32 pm
9:33 pm
9:34 pm
9:35 pm
9:36 pm
9:37 pm
9:38 pm
on top by t and this window of opportunity makes it three. craig pretty good by stephanie veilleux. good side pressure prevents downie for getting mustard against theodore. power play just be done and good penalty kill. they needed it down by third.
9:39 pm
joe: washington is in florida and tampa bay hosts florida on thursday and the capitals are home against toronto on friday. after tomorrow in sun advise you can say 7 of the next 9 in our nation's capital. backstrom pulls the triggal and theodore blocks that off. we can step away for a moment se tium.
9:40 pm
9:41 pm
lightning bolts on csn. joe: a whole lot of shaking going on. craig: a lot of young guys in tampa bay. the new faces, two power play goals and left the game in the second period. we think that was because of the collision with brooks laich in the first. alexander semin hooking up with mike cream. got his 11th and his 12th in this hockey game. that's our game summary. joe: 4-1 tampa bay after the first. washington battles back and makes it 5-4 through two. and a flap shot from foster rings up another one for the bolts, 6-4 at the mom with 1218 to go in regulation. malone gets one high and theodore gets it back to beat jason chimera. craig: good quickness by theo.
9:42 pm
bounces to jason chimera. not a lot of stage on this one by theo had to be quick and ready. nice snare with his
9:43 pm
has increased his skating and his speed. backstrom off and power play coming and downnie draws the penalty. coming right at you. that's an easy call. right into the numbers. backstrom will have it and downie taking a look by the trainers in tampa bay. joe: the most important penalty killing. washington wins the draw. podi will clear on down. just tuning in with us. the nhl on sports net. glad to have you alone.
9:44 pm
washington and tampa bay have teamed up for a total of ten tallies. st.louis skitters into his favorite position on that half wall. foster playing a two man game and st. louis slaps past and malone to the front and deflected and good active hockey sticks for the caps. craig: not a good play by ryan malone that will represent team usa at the upcoming olympics in vancouver. a little bit after soft pass through a scheme and a lot of sticks. joe: malone and fires and theodore was on top of the crease. antero nittymaki now the goalie of record in this one. 6-4 tampa bay. headmon smoothly through center. ladles it over the head of
9:45 pm
shaone morrisonn. he rams it right back out. craig: not a hard enough dump by headmon. the capital defender to the puck first. joe: backstrom in the bok for the second time. another 30 secondings to serve. craig: doesn't serve a lot of minor penalties. he goes over 20. joe: vince lecavalier. jeff halpern! craig: this power play has found a way to enter the joan and utilize the nice passing displays. vince lecavalier found him where he had to and a right shot play
9:46 pm
in the left side and halpern beats the sprawl. theodore, four power play goals against the caps for tampa bay. joe: the 2nd time halpern has scored against the power mates. zenon konopka to right of center. the deficit is three and time is wasting for washington. backstrom along the board and turns one towards la cane. alex ovenchin an order night for the great 8. this onecesff on
9:47 pm
er. shin trailing by three.
9:48 pm
>> 5th goal of the hockey game. here comes st. louis with the slap shot on the power play. 1728 of that second period. that helped them go to the locker room after getting tied up, joe. got the lead back. that was a pivotal goal for the tampa bay team.
9:49 pm
four power play goals on the fight for tampa bay of the 7. a single game season high for the guys in the dark jerseys. craig: and the most they have given up, the three in october against the flyers, remember that 6-5 game. joe: antero nittymaki with hedman and then steven stamkos. these two teams are working five on five with nine minutes to play in this one and rice back to work tomorrow night at bank atlantic center and brian ponthier with a nice move. jason chimera blocked away and steven stamkos will send it back. craig: they will have to be prepared. led by horton and the downside of the panthers is their lack of success in sunrise. the worse home record in the eastern conference. joe: caps fans are hoping that
9:50 pm
will continue. for now rick toddit is not out of the woods yet. feeling better about his club. they responded after surrendering a 4-1 lead. backstrom away from fellow swede hedman. alex ovenchin turns and broke his stick. alex is looking for a penalty call. podi challenged by downnie and knuble there locking horns with hedman and downnie will skate away. get smoked by alex ovenchin. craig: downnie at the last minute opinion downnie got the first lick with the left or the right. now pushing and shoving. it has been a frustrating night for the great 8 against tampa bay, defensively. joe: alex ovenchin made a beeline for downnie.
9:51 pm
knew he would have him cold right in front of the fence and put the hit on and downnie decided he was not going to take it. here comes downnie and alex ovenchin thought that was a broken stick. he will go to the bench and get it. circles right into the play and he has hit site on number nine. sees him at the last minute. there is that quick right upper. we'll see if downie gets the extra minor there as he got the first lick at alex ovenchin. joe: downie is a tough customer. craig: you knew he would take exception to it. joe: the fans giving their opinion. craig they could be happy to take off 8. down by three and take out the best player and downie will easily take that as he sits in
9:52 pm
the box along with alex ovenchin. joe: referees have made their ruling. alex ovenchin and downie each getting matching minors for roughing. craig: rick toddit is saying what's the call. probably saying why don you give him an extra charging penalty and a roughing. i think this is the right call. ovi er lowered the boom. steven stamkos is steaming and so is toddit. joe: trying to end a losing skit to bruce boudreau. that's up to twelve. as well as washington coming in to this building and winning seven in a row. craig: to one 7 in a row was
9:53 pm
against the islander is 2001 when the caps one nine times on the islands. joe: last win for tampa bay against washington november 16th, 2007. 755 to go in the third and st. louis stumbles. may have had an edge against green. craig: i think he did, green was on the inside. joe: semin with tom fleischmann. deflected high and away from macky. and 3 on 3. st.louis deep. deflected. craig: wrong choice for st. louis because he had a guy in the net more wide open. joe: there's green. it is just swept away from st. louis. the other way, a potential two on one goes awry and steven stamkos fumbles it. they get theodore in the act. this has a bet of a quality to it.
9:54 pm
craig: yes, it does. joe: a men's league quality after you look at that play. are you kidding me? craig: eric fehr by alex tanguay. this will be one that bruce boudreau, if his team doesn't come back he when chuck it in the waste can so quick. joe: green and schultz and alex tanguay. schultz back hands one that was blocked. for some reason i don't think this game is over. i think washington has it in them to make it interesting. craig i think they get the nix goal by the next five minute mark. joe: morrison to popi once more.
9:55 pm
on the perimeter. by vince lecavalier. eric fehr, holding. below the goal line downie and alex ovenchin. downie wants to go again. look at this! bradley comes in to intercept. bradley will get the third man in. did he make it? craig: that's what you want to see. a great shot by max bradley as he brushes downie there. the third man in because they didn't have any type of contact. so how do you decide there could be handed out there but they hadn't started fighting so we will see if they
9:56 pm
if there's a third
9:57 pm
let mn wimvp and seei can sucker off of ice and
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
a 5-4 advantage has ballooned to 7-4 as we await the penalty calls. matt bradley knew something was going on down and he wanted to be a part of it and this is a third man into an altercation. craig coming off with a line change and we will have to wait to see joe. is the altercation out of the way. is that key factor, under way and are they looking after each oh, is that under way. joe: ready to go. if you are going to say there has to be contact or engaged, if you will and then somebody comes to the aid, that's a strict letter of the law that i don't have right now. matt bradly stepping out of the penalty box. he is done for. being escorted to the dressing
10:00 pm
room by lines man suchek. craig: matt bradly off of the dressing room and bruce boudreau talking to the referee along with semin and the boys listening in to see what is determining the penalties and how they will be dolled out and that scrum is still between the officials and the captains. you see knuble and vinnie listening to the explanation. joe: st. louis speaking with mike knuble. the whole question whether or not the fight has to be in progress for there to be the third man in. we can help with an explanation. craig: there you see it. the letter of the law, a misconduct penalty shall be imposed on any player to intervene in an altercation already in progress. that is still gray, joe.
10:01 pm
is it progress or not. joe: if that is not an altercation then what is? here we go. you want to go, let's go, great. let's take the helmet off and gloves. the altercation is interrupted. that's me. if you are saying there has to be hands on physical contact for a third man in, then you are right, there never was. 7-4 tampa, a delay of upwards, what, four minutes now. sorting all of these things out. craig: matt bradly sent off for misconduct. all of the penalties coming at the 14 minute mark. and tampa bay logs up penalty minutes throughout the season under rick toddit. bradley and their tough guy downie is their 38. joe: folks join for your chance
10:02 pm
to win a signed jersey from backstrom. there are special offers that will be delivered to your mobile phone. craig: a whistle and a stock and mosh pushing and shoving. joe: downie a ten minute misconduct in that mini melee. shots on goals are 29-28 unofficially for tampa. the numbers that matter most are at the top of the screen. steckel and friends trailing by three. steven stamkos to draw. ties up steckel to win it up for st. louis. long wrister knocked down by
10:03 pm
theodore. foster sends it to st. louis. the alex ovenchin for unsportsman like has a man down here. wrister coming and shouldered away by theodore. craig: i love the way theodore pushed out there. joe: bombs away and stopped by theodore and he covers that. handled by st. louis. all of the way to point position. goal line extended and bumps it back and st. louis to the front and no lightning has scored three in a game against washington. craig: there's a goalie clinic on this power play. joe: paul szczechura on the
10:04 pm
half. power playtime da windalling. foster for st. louis. tried to deliver it back. steckel was in his way. schultz will springle it out. craig: all steckel. marty st. louis and a back hand pass read by the 4th guy with the caps defender. joe: hedman and gliding away and gordon was on top of him. it is beneath the fallen rookie long enough for a whistle. craig: headmon touched the center. he is a great rig that can jet up the ice. he scored a beautiful goal and went end to end against the buffalo team and i mean into enfor a young guy like that, it shows you an upside of the back line for tampa bay for many years to come. joe: number two in the 2009
10:05 pm
draft behind john ta var ross. alex ovenchin to the penalty box hearing the boos from those in tampa as this is an icing call against dc. craig: time winding down. time to prepare you would have to say a little bit for tomorrow. beware that the tampa bay lightning will continue to play happened and you have to keep your foot moving and continue to play hard getting ready for tomorrow night. joe: capitals 9 and one against the southeast division. that gaudy record in a little bit of jeopardy with less than four to play. lundin's wristster snagged by theodore and no rebound. we need to jump away. one final break during regulation
10:06 pm
10:07 pm
7-4 in fla. >> in the third period period silent and now involved with downie. joe: goes to the box on our mira tell coming out of the box. drop the gloves and take off their lids and gloves and in comes bradly. we have a penalty offer of the face off here, a big fight in
10:08 pm
that left corner an. craig: zenon konopka, a leftie and rightie. joe: zenon konopka responds. craig: a great response. a real good one. joe: david better cover up because here comes zenon konopka finishing his style. craig: he has had more practice you would have to say, the leader in the nhl when it comes to this type of ability. time to cover up for him there. joe: 18 fights now for zenon konopka and i can't recall one for steckel but he was willing. craig: he was. that will go up. here it is off of the faceoff. they were talking. you have to wait for the puck to drop or you will be suspended. he has just waited for the puck to drop. david did a good job getting that first one in.
10:09 pm
you can see zenon konopka with that eye. joe: if you don't have your tickets for sunday's january 31st, it's a matinee at verizon. i suggest you get them. craig: okay, yes. joe: 7-4 temperature tampa bay has the advantage. 343 to go in the third period. jason chimera on the ice here for brian ponthier. goals to zenon konopka and steckel. the white jerseys will be worn tomorrow against florida. jason chimera chasing down the rebound. morrison challenged by andrej meszaros. wright goes the other way. we get a whistle and a hooking
10:10 pm
call. folks in the promotion department you can win two round trip tickets on excella express ant ranger takes on washington on february 4th. check it out on keyword excella for your chance to win. craig: the capps go to the power play and a little bit after hook. a power play coming for the caps to get thin game down by three and power play against tampa bay. joe: washington has not lost a road game in the southeast division and alex ovenchin, wristster stopped by mackie and rebound and stopped by mackie. craig: alex ovenchin opens up for that one timer and gets a lot of shot through the goalies on that shots. working on that shot. good goal up by antero
10:11 pm
nittymaki. joe: so many times has managed to go to another situation like this. let's see if he will recreate on a power play to semin. green wristster. green with two for washington. green for alex ovenchin. one timer just wide to antero nittymaki and never moved. bayou will rip it down. two to go in the third. and alex ovenchin will wind up here in the course of boos after miss interaction with steve downie in this period. a bunch of cities are used to giving 8 business. craig: i remember buffalo after the hit on bruce boudreau. joe: green waltzing in and great move. off of the post from tom
10:12 pm
fleischmann. craig: looks like antero nittymaki got the stick back. what an opportunity for the caps. joe: semin and deflection drive. with antero nittymaki on the doorstep. tom fleischmann looked like he had a lay useful here. craig what a pass and here comes mike green. what a play he has had. you nailed it joe, shanked it and thomas doesn't miss too many of them. that is one of the best shooting percentages. he would like to have that one back. joe: hit the pipe and backstrom wins the draw. nicklas backstrom from a severe angle. chased by a couple of offenders. yields it for green and another penalty call coming. against tampa with 134 to go. washington trailing by three, green has a couple and he is our palm restaurant caps player of
10:13 pm
the game. craig: why not? i would expect a time out upcoming by bruce boudreau. obviously alex ovenchin has been passing a lot and trying to hook up green for the hat trick tonight. enjoy that nice certificate from the palm and looking to add to his league leading totallings here with a two man advantage. joe: bruce boudreau not giving up the ghost as mattias ohlund hits the box and tampa bay a win away perhaps from win number 18. craig: moves them to over five hundred. looks to move above five hundred. an excellent start this season. they went into a little bit after slide. in the second season as nhl coach and 14 below five hundred. joe: this is the washington capitals longest winning streak against one team in the franchise history. alex ovenchin and the capitals have one 12 in a row against
10:14 pm
tampa bay. that figure is to come to an end in about ninety seconds unless bruce boudreau has pulled jose theodore's 6 attackers only three for tampa bay. craig: green on the interchange with alex ovenchin. backstrom and the big rebound will not get out. alex ovenchin hustles it down. backstrom closing in and green shanked that one by a wiseker and alex ovenchin in again and antero nittymaki will cover. craig: that is about rinning from the goaltender. he read that play on the umbrella of the cap that sooner or later it will come to the top of his red circle and he read it from the left to the right post and look at how square it hits them in the shot. there is the shot and the push with the left leg getting over and covering off of that short side.
10:15 pm
joe: only 7 seconds left for washington. knuble camp the out in front. brooks laich pivots and gives it to backstrom and a pass to semin and exploded off of his stick apt wristster doesn't get through and the final minute of regulation time. backstrom closing in. alex ovenchin had stopped in front and antero nittymaki came out to challenge. 40 seconds left and brook brook to brooks laich to the front and knuble gets it by hedman. craig: they have the man advantage with the penalty killers. the caps have six and they have three plus the goaltender and they are pushing and shoving several of the guys and antero nittymaki held his ground on the goal line, joe. joe: antero nittymaki and alex ovenchin whispering to one another. there's another play in there's brooks laich to the net.
10:16 pm
there is the puck hanging right on that right pad and alex ovenchin and the caps can't focus. the goaltender. craig: guess who is going back to the penalty box? the face off will come down to the caps zone so they will have to put the goaltender back on in tampa bay. joe: i have lost my gump tion for a come back. craig: the caps have a play in the net and too hard to come back with all of the ebbs and flows. they have had to keep on a high and bruce boudreau's team will fall here tonight. joe: pack their bags and make their way quickly to southern florida for a scrimmage with the panthers that we will have you
10:17 pm
on comcast sports net tomorrow. brian ponthier out of his own zone with jason chimera in full flight. jason chimera slides down the wing and andrej meszaros takes care of him. 18 seconds to go for boy gordon. brian ponthier one time with a heavy screen in front an antero nittymaki and gordon. and brian ponthier and long wristier and covered up in front and gordon from his knees and brian ponthier has a trigger by jason chimera with point three to go in this one. antero nittymaki in the lightning about to celebrate. the officials say enough is enough. washington's 12 game history over the bolts is a thing of the pass. a highly penalized alex ovenchin and friends fall tonight 7-4. comcast sportsnet coverage of hockey has been brought to you
10:18 pm
by geico where they can save you 15%. call 1800947 auto. by net star one whether you need it support or management strategy. look to net star one for proven expertise and results. net star one navigating the business of government and industry. and by your dc area volkswagen dealers. visit my i guess you could say this was an interesting one, the lightning prevail 7-1 over the caves. be sure to join us on comcast sports net. it comes tomorrow evening from center ice floor. up next sports net. we will have a recap of th ld o tampa.
10:19 pm
bolts a winner. >> the score tampa up one-nil. stephanie veilleux adds to the score. michal neuvirth is done for the night. second period, caps battle back on the power play. semin and the nice move by green and tampa up 4-2 and later in the period. eric fehr going top shelf to make it 4-3 and another caps power play, green with a wristter and walk ties it at
10:20 pm
four and we have a new game. lightning on the power play, st. louis, that one won by three a der. tampa 5-4. caps and vince lecavalier finds brian ponthier and goal of the night, how many can they get? frustrations are high after breaking a stick out alex ovenchin drives a shot to downie and they get into it. both in the penalty box. as they return to the ice. downie takes a chief shot at alex ovenchin. watch that and they both drops are drop the gloves and o v is ready to drop but there's no way that the caps will let that happen. they know better. here comes matt bradley to takes out his frustration on downie. the lightning wins 7-4 and in
10:21 pm
the caps winning streak as well. >> never missed a goal. you can get caps scores sent to your cell phone for free. go to and enter the keyword mogul.
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you ready at 6:30 on geico
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10:27 pm
sports night. >> reminder dave johnson breaks down the wizard in the morning after every game, you can win the take from the pistons game on, the keyword, wizards. >> the turf had a win in salem
10:28 pm
for the second con friend win and they got off to a good start thanks to vazquez, had to get done. tallied 2 points and 11-2 run caps. and the deacons would rally. smith lobs one for al pa rook marino for the slam. the turks hanging around. buoy with the steel, maryland would battle all the way back temperature keep in mind they played two nights ago with no practice other than film work and time down for vasquez hitting a deep two and that put maryland back in front by two. wake now and tied at 76 and maryland a chance to win it at regulation and sean moose and
10:29 pm
heavens to mega troy. williams to tie it up at 83. smith runner and the lane falls and deacons back up and last chance for maryland and gives it to vasquez that can connect on the three and the terps come up short, vasquez, 85-83 in overtime to wake forest. >> jim haslett is the redskins coordinator. the deal is done after he was there two days interviewing and jerry gray interviewed for the position this afternoon. mike shanahan continues to go with his guys. haslett ones a
10:30 pm
at a redskins park?
10:31 pm
10:32 pm
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10:45 pm
everybody is on same page. though i think abu yahya has been at the heading match.
10:46 pm
zawahiri recently released his book which is a takedown of the entire pakistani constitution, which is interesting noting because jarret is exactly right that it used to be that al qaeda's line was you hate musharraf there for you to pakistan fundamentally, which was in line frankly with what the other pakistani militant groups where they said is a fundamental basis of pakistan was that was founded on an islamic basis, but that the rulers have differentiated from now. al qaeda is not the reading latch and say no, no, no that is false. fundamentally what pakistan is is an infidel state, they are going farther than apostate. this is a fundamental disreputable state that needs to be attacked and it's not about changing leadership. and i think that zawahiri and al-libi and bin laden are on the same page. >> let's get another group of questions, please. john, please stand up to the microphone will come to you.
10:47 pm
>> john iskandar of the foreign service institute. can you talk more about ways that abu yahya is trying to enforce some sort of purity. you talked about that, but without a lot of examples. and i'm curious about that because that seems to me in line with a couple of things that you set in the? and a both of you that enforcing that sort of puberty is self potentially divisive. so how was he doing that, what is the response been like i would guess that given the disparities that would create ruptures and fractures as much as unifying on an ideological basis and what do you know about any of them? thank you. >> jessica mathews, carnegie endowment. you may have arty ducked this question i'm not sure. is there -- who gets to control
10:48 pm
a decision to rollout a new major figure as you described? who controls access to the website? is very central intelligence somewhere that says okay, we need a second group of people in case the first rank gets killed or whatever. and if so, who are they? >> scott shane with "the new york times." this is sort of related or it could you something about the relationship with al qaeda sensual in its various regional affiliates such as aqap? and whether there is any tension and local goals of versus this local jihad. and also, is there any significant do you think for al qaeda than the fairly dramatic decline in the popularity -- its popularity and the popularity of its tech takes in most muslim countries including pakistan?
10:49 pm
>> who would like to start? >> yeah, i'll take a couple of these. am going to defer to bryant on a couple of them. in terms of how he enforce it religious purity. i mean, it's mostly through exposé journalism. i mean, he brings up the same ideological lines. he just points a lot more aggressively at people and mocks them and hangs them out to dry much more so than i think other al qaeda guys have done. for instance, he takes on omar who is a fallacy sheik. he rips this guy apart. and what he does is he takes a point by point. and it's a lot of fun to read when abu yahya takes somebody to task. i mean come he doesn't pull punches and does it systematically. so it's not like it's coming up with -- i think the most fascinating attempt though to enforce his religious purity is when he's taking concepts or
10:50 pm
dealing with these terminological issues like the use of nationalism or atheism or resistance has been western concepts. what's interesting though if there'd been a push a couple years ago instead of calling these guys jihadist, to call them a hobby and these arabic terms. abu yahya actually uses these terms that people in the united states were promoting to call al qaeda against the united states. he calls us, you know, highway bridge in and besides. so it's wordplay, you know, orwell said without words you have nothing. and i think abu yahya has really embraced that. in terms of who controls access to the media, i think that's a brilliant question and not something we don't have a lot of knowledge on. ksm and it's tribune said he
10:51 pm
is -- it seems to me that zawahiri probably founded it. he runs it and is the guy who sits at the head of the table in terms of identifying who, when, where to release. and so, within a rollup not with just abu yahya but you saw moustapha and the strategic rollout over a few months dramatically you can see they push them on one front and on the next video to push him on another. you saw the same ring with a abdulla stayed stayed with one of their top three sheiks montour auch omni. he's been releasing the writing of vanguards of karazahn and some of the taliban magazines. and just in december he released
10:52 pm
his first videotape. we now know what he looks like in any deadness. that al qaeda at the form of media media, the themes that are addressed in the media and the timing of the media i think it's all choreographed. and i think it is zawahiri that oversees it. i think they have immediate counsel of people and these are mostly people who you have never heard of or you will never see. and to scott's question, if i knew the answer to some of those targeted by the mark oates in the newspaper. from an open perspective that's really hard to ryan? the >> that if you question about to controls the media but it's important to recognize here and one thing that jarret said was when abu yahya in particular was rolled out he was rolled out on the big media he was doing it in the telling which was likely true that works that were more closely associated with the taliban and that he is known from his previous stand with
10:53 pm
them. so probably wasn't directly through aqim at first. i don't think you want to call that an end run. but he was developing a power base separately from the hot and he adopted them. interestingly it was a year and have to go with the media organization that abu yahya started out with was folded officially into as-sahab. nec even with these media organizations that they are coming together and sort of integrating. and oftentimes that is a leading indicator of use of the media i think tends to be leading indicator for relationships between different organizations. it was a leading indicator with aqim before they joined al qaeda, when they were gs pcs. at one point just before it was routed by the lebanese army started using the alfonso distribution network which meant they were more closely aligned
10:54 pm
and that closer ties than that works with al qaeda central. that's something about the relationship between al qaeda central and the various affiliates. i think much of it has to do with the media and you do see public instruction of strategy. some of the quite specific bin laden released statements called practical steps for the liberation of palestine, in which he described a movement from iraq not into labonte or syria and lebanon which is what i would've expected hear it but he said the way to get to palestine mr. jordan. and at the same time, started reaching out more aggressively to which is abu musab al-zarqawi's almost sitting about the jihad a movement, though i think he is kind of in jordan. and he is sort of a strange figure. he has been out of prison. in no come he gets a lot of president says something nasty
10:55 pm
about zarqawi and go back into prison. he would come out again. so you would get attacked quite a bit for this sort of thing. but i think you do see this public kind of messaging. there is private messaging as well and it's hard to know exactly how that occurs today. we do know something about that from the rack time period because of the capture of the zawahiri document to zarqawi, which was sent to her riding messengers and it seems like it may have been a hard copy of something like that. that's more difficult. i think it's probably harder to get from pakistan to gammon that it was to get from pakistan to iraq. and so i would imagine that the internet plays an even more important role. one of the things that you saw there was that ms will become more difficult to also get to the general question that people would identify themselves in
10:56 pm
identifying himself to zarqawi so you would know that it was credible. he would say i still remember that object you gave me in a rot. that kind of thing is going to be more difficult going into the future for al qaeda because you don't have the same sort of cohesive moments that their western anti-soviet jihad or that. in peshawar in the 1990's. >> please. >> thank you. i'm allenwood cnl resources in the middle east and to do. my question is for jarret. were are the vulnerabilities about abu yahya both internally and al qaeda and more importantly as we're here in washington as a strategist, the counterterrorism strategists?
10:57 pm
>> violas from bloomberg news. you talked about you controls the media, but before someone is rolled out or reader wolf himself out, using your terminology, there needs to be a strategic decision made if it is plotted as jarret has said that it seems to be. so i guess i want to just take one step further and that is who is making nonstrategic decision or what is -- what is the likely answer to that? and what are the implications of his rise in the organization for how al qaeda operates and then
10:58 pm
further for how the u.s. needs to respond for the u.s. response? >> one more question. >> yes, in the back. >> hello, kaitlyn duke friend time. you mentioned yemen. i am wondering is the u.s. contributing to reasoning on his status by targeting him. john brennan mentions he is a bad guy. does that boost his standing? thank you. >> thanks. >> brocail tried to go quick here. i don't know where we are in time. so vulnerabilities. great question. i would like to read an article about this. or that you think about it in depth first heard i think that the most glaring vulnerability is that he has sold himself as a living embodiment of ideological
10:59 pm
purity and consistency. and so i think it only takes one misstep. the problem is that he is very quick to it knowledge when he takes, you know, the ronstadt spirits of his art he turned to preempt her ability to do that. i think anytime anybody builds himself up on. t. that is the best way to attack them. brian, chris, you might have some ideas. i think he go in there, too. he has to have a massive ego based on how much he just talks. he just fills the airwaves up with his voice. well, anyways. so the question is, who is making the strategic decisions about whether to roll out? i think it is an interplay. i think you've got the backroom guys who don't know about within al qaeda. the surnames -- al qaeda has a a think tank that no one is focused

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